The most green Valley of Italy

The Area

The Valsesia mountain area is perhaps the best kept secret in Italy: authentic, unspoilt and beautiful. Valsesia is therefore known as the greenest valley in Italy. A sparsely populated area with breathtakingly nature, where it seems times stood still.

Valsesia owns its name to the river Sesia. It rises from the glaciers on the flanks of Monte Rosa (4634m), the second highest mountain in Italy. Winding through wooded valleys, the Sesia is fed by smaller mountain streams that splash down through hundreds of waterfalls. On the ridges, there are quiet alpine meadows where you can see deer and chamois in addition to wild flowers.

The valley has cultural-historical sights such as the village of Varallo, or the tiny hamlet of Rima where you imagine yourself a hundred years back in time. The pilgrimage site of Sacro Monte di Varallo, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is also worth a visit.

Another reason to travel to Valsesia is the delicious Italian food. Piedmont is also known as the king of Italian cuisine. The region is known for its wines, white truffles, mushrooms, cheese, antipasti, and risotto. Also, in the mountains around Mountaincabin Valsesia, there are plenty of local specialties to enjoy, such as chocolate and the miacce, wafer-thin crispy pancakes filled with ham or cheese. Wonderful after a tough mountain hike!